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Ultrasound Parts Repair

When attempting to repair your ultrasound machine, having the right parts is crucial. Purchasing the wrong part can be an expensive mistake and that’s why we recommend you talk to a professional first.

At Summit Imaging, our parts department has professional repair technicians who can assist in diagnosing any issues and then provide you with the right ultrasound replacement parts. By properly diagnosing the problem the first time, we help you avoid any mistakes and costly downtime.

Ultrasound Repair

At Summit Imaging, we carry a wide variety of ultrasound parts and devices from top brands such as GEPhilips, and Siemens.

All of our ultrasound parts go through precise functional testing in live ultrasound systems and 99% of all parts lasting well beyond our standard 6-month warranty. 

We understand that every day your ultrasound is down, you’re losing revenue. Which is why our team of ultrasound repair technicians provide solutions that get your ultrasounds back up and running quickly. 

We pride ourselves on having the best quality ultrasound replacement parts available for our clients. We ensure you will get the proper parts in order to complete your repairs on your first service call after diagnosis.

Your Ultrasound Parts Are On The Way

Our ultrasound replacement parts are based on quality and tested for performance. We have thousands of parts in-stock and we also source directly from manufacturers.

We carry a wide variety of replacement parts within our facilities. A few are listed below:

  • Power Supply
  • Ultrasound Monitors
  • Ultrasound PC Boards
  • Ultrasound Keyboards
  • Ultrasound Probes
  • Piezo Transducer parts
  • Piezoelectric Transducer parts
  • Ultrasonic Transducer parts
  • Pressure Transducer parts
  • Control Panels

We have any and all necessary ultrasound replacement parts at our facilities. Peace of mind starts with a company that works and repairs ultrasound equipment every day.

Contact Us For Your Ultrasound Repair

With a vast inventory of ultrasound replacement parts and skilled technicians ready to help, we recommend you call, email, or begin a live service chat so we can start working immediately to repair your ultrasound and get the parts you need to continue your practice. 

We have new, used, and refurbished parts available. We also perform repair on transducers.

Contact Summit Imaging to speak to one of our expert technicians today to learn more and get your high-quality replacement parts.

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