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At Summit Imaging, we carry a variety of ultrasound transducers and probes from top brands such as GE, Philips and Siemens.

Every transducer and probe is tested in a live ultrasound system and 99% of all transducers last well beyond our standard 6-month warranty.

Ultrasound Transducers & Probes

Summit carries new and refurbished ultrasound transducers from the top ultrasound manufacturers.

We carry a variety of ultrasound probes including: Linear, Convex, Micro-Convex, TEE, Phased Array, Endocavity, and Transvaginal.

At Summit we stock a full range of sensors and transducers to satisfy any application. We also only sell ultrasound transducers that have been properly inspected and tested. 

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Our transducers and probes are crack free, as well as designed for reliability & durability. If you are interested in purchasing a probe for your ultrasound, please contact our team to have one of our ultrasound transducer specialists assist you in finding the right ultrasound transducer(s) for your needs. Our specialists can help identify the correct probe type and mega-hurtz range to help determine the imaging application that is best suited for you. 

Contact us to learn more about our ultrasound probes and transducers!

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