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At Summit Imaging, we look beyond the ultrasound equipment and data. We look to the experiences of patients and caregivers across the country in order to offer the best possible solutions for medical care. 

In partnership with GE, our goal is to bring together a depth of expertise along with current medical technology and services. Because of this, we are proud to offer a wide selection of GE ultrasound parts, GE probes, GE transducers, and GE ultrasounds.

Why GE Ultrasounds?

From humble beginnings in the late 1800's, to being at the forefront of modern technological innovation, GE has become one of the most respected brands across the globe today. GE Healthcare is no different. GE is a name that is trusted by medical professionals across the world, and their ultrasound products have become known for their performance, reliability and longevity. 

At Summit we are proud to offer some of the best-selling GE ultrasound systems including the GE Logiq, GE Vivid and GE Voluson systems. Whether you are seeking a portable GE ultrasound system, or replacement parts, Summit can help. We also stock a wide selection of GE ultrasound probes.

GE Ultrasound Systems and Products

Our selection of GE ultrasound products is vast. Our inventory includes:

  • GE Ultrasound Systems
  • GE Transducers
  • GE Probes
  • GE Replacement Parts
  • GE Control Panels
  • GE Operating Panels
  • GE Channel Boards
  • GE Beam Boards and more

 Find the right ultrasound part or probe for your GE ultrasound equipment today!

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