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At Summit, we are committed to bringing you only the highest quality Philips ultrasound products. Philips Healthcare is one of the most respected names in the medical equipment industry today and at Summit we are proud to provide you with the best Phillips ultrasound equipment on the market. 

Below you can browse through our vast selection of Philips ultrasound machines, Philips ultrasound probes and Philips ultrasound transducers. Summit is proud to offer refurbished Phillips ultrasound equipment at affordable prices.

Philips Probes and Ultrasound Parts

We strive to develop partnerships with our customers, with a belief that quality care goes beyond the hospital walls. 

By providing the right ultrasound equipment to medical professionals we are helping to create meaningful solutions; solutions that make a real difference. We offer Philips ultrasound probes because we know they deliver unparalleled image resolution & detail.

Why Philips Products?

Phillips technologies have pioneered many products that have shaped the way we live today. They are a company that is constantly on the forefront of technological innovation. This is why the Philips ultrasound brand is respected worldwide for its quality and reliability. 

Searching for the Philips HDI5000, Philips Epiq 5, or Phillips Epiq 7? Summit can help.

We also carry a complete inventory of Philips ultrasound probes and transducers for sale.

Philips Ultrasound Systems

Philips manufactures some of the most utilized ultrasounds in today's medical field. Whether you are seeking the iu22 or ie33 systems, we can help. 

Some of the products we offer:

  • Philips Ultrasound Systems
  • Philips Probes
  • Philips Beam Boards
  • Philips Power Supplies
  • Philips Control Panels
  • Philips Channel Boards
  • Philips Digital Doppler and more

Find the right ultrasound part or transducer for your Philips ultrasound equipment today with Summit Imaging!

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