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Summit has developed an in-house repair and maintenance department in order to keep your ultrasound repair costs low, and satisfaction high. We offer both on site repair and return services on most ultrasound systems, probes & transducers, circuit boards, and power supplies.

Ultrasound Replacement Parts at a Reliable Cost

Summit offers ultrasound replacement parts, repairs  and service contracts to fit your needs. The average cost savings per unit relative to full risk equipment exceeds $14,000 per year. If none of the existing agreement options below fit your objectives, please give us a call and we will be happy to create your perfect support agreement. 

Standard Probe Repair: 

  • Connector Repair
  • Probe Casing Repair
  • Cable Jacket Repair
  • Transducer Lens Replacement
  • Cable Replacement

Standard Ultrasound System Repairs on:



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