Training Classes

Summit Imaging offers ultrasound training courses that cover a variety of major ultrasound systems. We keep classes small and the training practical so you get a lot out of the experience. Our classes are 80% hands-on the system making it easy to return with a greater sense of confidence.

At Summit we pride ourselves on offering ultrasound training solutions that are easily customizable to match each individual's training needs, making it perfect for training students in ultrasonography as well as healthcare professionals.

We offer a variety of programs tailored to the busy lives of medical professionals. 

Learn the Ultrasound Systems

Summit's ultrasound training classes are specifically crafted to:

  • Deliver evidence-based, real world problems and solutions
  • Offer hands on troubleshooting techniques
  • Explore basic and complex system mechanics
  • Instruct the basics of assembly and disassembly of specific ultrasound systems

Hands on Training Courses

Our ultrasound training courses bring never-before-seen realism to ultrasound training. We pride ourselves on delivering consistent training methods to our participants, while still being able to answer individual quieries about any aspect of the system.

There is no short-cut to success; our training courses are run by professionals who have used the ultrasound systems in the field and who have extensive knowledge of Siemens, GE, Philips, HP, and Toshiba ultrasound systems. Learn ultrasonography from the professionals at Summit Imaging--listed below are the current training courses we are offering.  


An Overwhelming majority of customers have declared our training as the best.

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