Transducer Repair

Summit’s exceptional reputation in transducer repair is proven by a warranty failure rate of less than 1%.  We also have the technical expertise and staff repairing transducers and complex probes such as TEE, Volumetric 3D/4D, and Matrix transducers. We’re so skilled at ultrasound probe repair that we can fix most probes in a mere 36 hours reducing that costly downtime.

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Fast Transducer & Probe Repair 

We can diagnose and repair most ultrasound transducers. If in the unfortunate event your transducer cannot be fixed, we offer competitive pricing on replacement transducers and probes. At Summit we believe routine calibrations and scheduled preventive maintenance are the keys to longer equipment life, and a reduction in operating costs.

We are proud to offer free evaluations on probes and transducers in order to determine if replacement parts are needed. 

If your ultrasound transducers need repair we: 

• Identify and correct any instrument malfunction
• Identify and replace worn or defective parts
• Verify compliance with industry standards

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Repair Your Ultrasound Probe Tomorrow

Summit Imaging is a one stop shop for all your ultrasound repair needs. We provide state of the art ultrasound transducer repair for both general use and TEE probes. At Summit we perform all transducer repair services within our own facilities, in order to guarantee a quick turn around. We also go the extra mile to insure that your probe meets or exceeds industry standards.

Summit also offers free evaluations, so if you feel your ultrasound transducer is malfunctioning we can offer assitance for free.

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