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Ultrasound Transducer Services

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Our company philosophy is in line with yours, we all win when we repair. We have worked tirelessly to develop high-yield, time-saving, scalable solutions with a maniacal focus on quality. We look forward to sharing this experience with you and driving down your total cost of ownership.

Discover why Summit is different in a really good way.

Our Repair

Free Next-Day Evaluations

Our evaluations are comprehensive, they include a list of operational and cosmetic symptoms discovered, photos, and potential causes.  This information shared with users will likely prevent future damage.

72-Hour Average Repair Turnaround

Our goal is to get you running as fast as possible, while never compromising the biggest downtime driver, quality.

No-Risk Repair Approvals

If your transducer is deemed beyond repair at any point, you will not be charged for the repair attempt.

Complimentary Loaners

Repairing your transducer is often the most cost-effective option, we strive to provide loaners for customers to prevent downtime.

Genuine Factory Crystals

We use genuine factory crystals in our repairs. We hold patient safety to the highest degree.

Fluid Ingress - Higher Yields

Summit offers a dehydration service on all probes that have any evidence of fluid intrusion at no additional cost. This is in service of providing our best efforts to successfully repair probes that would otherwise be deemed not repairable.

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