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Electronics Assembler

Electronics Assemblers needed with experience assembling medical devices to ISO 13485:2016 QMS standards.

Logistics Technician 

The Logistics department’s primary responsibilities will include prioritizing and picking material to fill orders, loading, and unloading product on delivery trucks

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Type: Full-Time

Location: Woodinville, WA

Job Summary:

The electronics assembler is responsible for the refurbishment of medical ultrasound parts. Refurbishment of the parts processed are to be completed through documented quality management system. Adherence to these requirements is a demand not only for Summit Imaging’s commitment to quality, but primarily for the high level of patient safety that our customers expect from us.


  • Utilize documented procedures to process ultrasound parts

  • Mechanical Assembly of Ultrasound parts and equipment

  • Organization to ISO 13485 Standards

  • Follow work instructions to safely and accurately combine chemicals and materials for use in the production process

  • Using chemicals to refurbish product to manufacturers standard

  • Maintain and improve quality of product during the refurbishment process

  • Can perform light solder work including replacement of through-hole and SMD components

  • Meet or exceed set expectations for processing times

  • Support the team with creations or improvements in processes and capabilities

  • Communicate difficulties to lead or manager

  • Complete projects as required by management

  • Complete tasks as required for company-wide responsibilities

  • Work in a deadline-driven atmosphere and handle multiple projects/tasks with an attention to detail

  • Complete training required for job duties and demonstrate competency through testing and performance evaluations

  • Maintain designated shop equipment

  • Actively participate in process or documentation improvements

  • Assist in fulfilling sales requests

  • Assist in part identification and alternative compatible parts

  • Complete quality control checks on repaired and returned parts

  • Performs testing of boards and parts to ensure proper operation after repairs have been completed.

  • Performs the programming of repaired parts when required

  • Must be able to drive for collecting materials to support production when directed by management

Minimum Requirements:

Industry Specific Skills:

  • Ability to use benchtop soldering equipment

  • Experience using small/precision hand-held tools

  • Ability to perform occasional work under a microscope.

  • High degree of hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity.

  • Experience using electronic testing equipment

  • Ability to utilize industry standard equipment for electronics repair

  • Some knowledge of the operation of component level electronics is helpful but not required

  • Knowledge of computer components and functions is required

  • Demonstrate competency in the process of troubleshooting

General Skills and Achievements:

  • High school diploma or equivalency

  • Two or more years of computer repair experience is preferred but not required

  • Must be able to work overtime if necessary

  • Must have a valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record

  • Proficient in Windows 9.x, XP,7.x, 8.x, 10, and DOS

  • Drug test and background check is required

  • Ability to perform and thrive in a continual learning environment

  • Be able to carry and move tools and equipment weighing up to 40 pounds

  • Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time

  • Excellent written and oral communication

Assembler 1
Repair Tech 1


Type: Full-Time

Location: Woodinville, WA

Job Summary:
The Logistics department’s primary responsibilities will include prioritizing and picking material to fill orders, loading, and unloading product on delivery trucks and maintaining, handling, and moving the physical inventory within the warehouse. This position will also serve as a backup Delivery Driver on an as-needed basis to drive to the airport, Fed Ex or to deliver equipment to a customer.

Operational Responsibilities:
· Assist with organizing and prioritizing team workflow
· Move, lift and load products
· Compile customer order and return packets
· Back-up to report and reconcile critical inventory non-conformities to production team
· Back-up to report inefficiencies to management
· Performs work to ISO standards
· Meet or exceed KPI objectives
· Create and improve ISO work instructions
· Assist in developing and improve communication methods with other departments
· Back-up to daily logistics email

Customer Support Responsibilities:
· Assist in coordinating freight couriers
· Back-up in improving organic Hot Cores return time
· Identifying, correcting and reporting of shipment exceptions
· Process and verify outbound shipments
· Receive, coordinate, reconcile and report incoming shipments
· Deliver customer product to courier, airport or customer site

Inventory Management Responsibilities:
· Assist in organization and data accuracy of inventory system
· Internal inventory tracking and management
· Perform regularly scheduled inventory audit plan
· Reconcile and report inventory discrepancies
· Identify, quarantine and report non-conforming products
· Assist in packaging inventory

Education & Experience:
· High school diploma or GED required
· Minimum 18 years of age
· Valid license classification as required by the Department of Transportation
· Clean motor vehicle report
· Prior work experience sufficient to work under general supervision
· Working knowledge of vehicle safety
· Ability to work in a fast paced environment while maintaining great attention to detail
· Ability to multitask and prioritize
· Must be able to lift or carry 75lbs

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