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Repairs and Services

Repairs and Services

Digital Flat Panel Services



  • Tested on live systems

  • 6 Month Warranty

  • Certified IPC component level repairs

Same Day Shipments

  • Next morning delivery

  • Quick installation

  • Proper shipping procedures

  • Minimizing downtime

Technical Support

  • Free step by step remote assistance for diagnosis

  • Quick installation

Support Services

Unique support offerings to lower total cost of ownership


  • Complete image quality testing

  • 6 Month Warranty

  • IPC certified component level repairs


  • Comprehensive repairs 

  • High repair yields

  • Resolving common errors and image quality issues

  • Savings up to 95%


Inventory ready for quick shipments to maintain equipment up-time.


Responsive support to lower total cost of ownership

Digital Flat Panel Repair Capabilities

High repair yields with professional image quality trained and IPC certified component level repair technicians.

Communication Errors     Image Quality     Power Faults     Installation Problems

Replacement Parts Services

Mammography Parts Capabilities

Monitors     Power Supplies     PCBs     Control Panels    Computer Processors

Digital Flat Panel Services
Parts Services
Tech Support

Technical Support

Free Remote Assistance

  • Quick failure diagnosis

  • Step by step replacement installation

  • Lowering total cost of ownership

Tech Support 
Video Library

  • Step by Step instructions 

  • Tips and Tricks 

  • Videos on All systems 

  • YouTube - White Circle

Detector Plate Repair Care

Attendees will learn about proper care of Mammography Detector Plates and how simple techniques will lower cost of ownership for these critical imaging devices. 

Request a Class

Request a class anytime at our facility or yours.



Agreements available

Healthcare Networks and Multi Vendor Asset Managers

Full Mammography Parts and Detector Plate support

Replacement Parts only

Detector Plates only

Custom agreement

Clinics and Specialty Practices

Full service

Detector Plates only

Parts only

Service Agreements

Service Agreements
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