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Industry insights and news for healthcare facilities and patients

Industry insights and news for healthcare facilities and patients

Summit Imaging Blog

Summit Imaging now has Text Support!

Summit Imaging’s Customer Support Team is always researching ways to be more responsive to healthcare facility customers. Now anyone can text our toll free number 1-866-586-3744 and receive responsive support 24x7 ranging from general inquiries of medical device support to free technical support.

"SMS is an area of continued investment for Summit Imaging so you can expect to see more advances and improvements as customers give us feedback on these new features and Summit Imaging works to lower down time and total cost of ownership” - Lawrence Nguyen CEO Summit Imaging

When combined with other cloud based systems, Summit Imaging can deliver quick and effective customer service 24/7. Customers can simply send a text message to 1-866-586-3744 from their cell phone and a Summit representative will respond immediately. If more information or support is needed you can set a time for the Team to call you when it's convenient.

Summit Imaging adds this service to their growing list of easy to use and free platforms including their Youtube channel that launched in 2017 and already included hundreds of how-to videos and discussions with industry leaders and management professionals.

To learn more visit or Text 866-586-3744

Message & data rates may apply

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