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Industry insights and news for healthcare facilities and patients

Summit Imaging Blog

Industry insights and news for healthcare facilities and patients

Launch of System Diagnostic Toolkit

The System Diagnostic Tool Kit allows Clinical and Biomedical Engineers to troubleshoot, diagnose and pull system information quickly from any hard disk based medical device. Instructions included.

Benefits of the System Diagnostic Tool Kit

Hard Drive Cable

  • Need to browse your hard drive to diagnose software and hardware issues? Attach any IDE or SATA Hard Drive from your machine and hook it up to a Regular Windows XP/Vista/7 based computer via USB. Find Error Logs, Boot Logs, System Build Info, and much more.

Diagnostic Cable

  • Use this helpful cable to accurately diagnose any potential hardware issues that system software may not reveal.

  • Observe hardware functionality during boot cycles and operation on any system with an available RJ-11 port using Hyperterminal.

USB Flash Drive

  • Store your important system files and take them with you such as options files or system builds you pull using the hard drive cable.

Ultra-Durable Pelican Storage Case

  • Water-tight

  • Padlock Protectable

  • Personalized Identification Badge available upon request

  • Light polymer foam with ESD Protection

This kit will save time and make the job much easier! This kit will effectively assist you to diagnose and fix your computer-based medical equipment faster by getting to the data you need to diagnose and repair your system on the first attempt.

Part Number 9437-2888.

Price is $425.00 + Shipping and Handling.

To place an order or for additional information please call us at 866.586.3744 or email us at

For video tutorials assisting setup of the kit onto your Windows platform please call our technical support line at 866.586.3744.

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