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Industry insights and news for healthcare facilities and patients

Summit Imaging Blog

Industry insights and news for healthcare facilities and patients

Transducer Troubleshooting Tips from a Pro

TechNation Webinar Wednesdays continue to provide insightful knowledge to biomeds around the globe. The most recent Summit Imaging-sponsored webinar “Minimizing Transducer Failur through Proper Care and Early Detection” was a success with 200 people attending the live presentatiom

Summit Imaging Manager of Global Education and Training Kyle Grozelle discussed keys to preventing transducer failures, how to implement proper care methods and best practices to ensure that everyone who handles a transducer is able to identify early warning signs. Grozelle broke down a transducer explaining the function of each part and where failures typically occur. He provided real-life examples of transducers in various conditions so participants could see what a damaged probe looks like, making it easier for them to identify problems at their facility

Grozelle demonstrated useful techniques for detecting common problems, such as interior probe damage. He also reviewed proper care methods and techniques to help alleviate unnecessary problems.

The webinar was a hit with attendees earning a high rating and compliments.

“As a new biomed, I really appreciate TechNation’s webinars. They are a good mixture of equipment that I haven’t had the opportunity to see firsthand, “Derrick B. wrote in his post-webinar survey.

“TechNation makes sure that our cutting edge technicians are always sharp,” Tim B. wrote.

“TechNation’s webinar series is a great way for free education and continuing education credits and also a way to learn about companies to call for tech support or send equipment in for repair,” Jared E. wrote.

“Love the information in these online classes!! They provide a quick, no-cost way to learn new thinks,” Debbie S. shared.

“Webinar Wednesdays are a great educational tool where entry-level biomeds gain a basic understanding of many medical devices, learn repair/troubleshooting skills and help you to stay current with hot topics in HTM,” Patrick S. wrote.

“TechNation is #1,” Joel P. wrote.

For more information about TechNation’s webinar series, including recordings of previous webinars and a calendar of upcoming presentations, visit

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