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Industry insights and news for healthcare facilities and patients

Summit Imaging Blog

Industry insights and news for healthcare facilities and patients

WEBINAR: Imaging Education Proves Popular

Almost 300 people registered for the latest TechNation Webinar Wednesday presentation “Understanding Image Quality”sponsored by Summit Imaging.

During the presentation, Carolyn Coffin, MPH, RDMS, RDCS, RVT, department chair and associate professor, diagnostic ultrasound at Seattle University discussed acoustic physics and principles as they apply to medical ultrasound, operator controls and the sonographer’s role in acquiring images and what sonographers expect from their ultrasound systems. She also touched on imaging artifacts and how to avoid them.

Kyle Grozelle, Manager of Global Education and Training at Summit Imaging, was also on hand and answered questions following Coffin’s presentation. Grozelle manages the Summit training program that offers personalized, interactive courses on ultrasound systems to health care organizations across the country.

The webinar received praise in post-webinar surveys completed by attendees.

“This webinar really rocked! I learned things I did not know and re-learned things I had forgotten,” Wayne P. wrote.

“As bioengineering students, this webinar provided a good introduction to some of the parameters we will have to consider when designing ultrasonic technology,” wrote Samantha P.

“Great, very informative presentation! Very well-spoken and knowledgeable presenter,” Franklin C. added.

The TechNation Webinar Wednesday series as a whole also continues to garner compliments.

“Our imaging team really enjoys the Webinar Wednesdays put on by TechNation, because of the knowledgeable presenters and the range of topics,” wrote Ryan M.

“TechNation’s webinar series is informative and convenient. I love the ability to continue education from the comfort of my desk,” Cherianne B. wrote.

“Excellent! I have been in the biomed field for 15 years and I am looking at things differently and more knowledgeably by adding these webinar’s to my monthly to-do list,” Greg H. shared in his survey.

For details about the TechNation webinar series, including a schedule of upcoming presentations and recordings of previous sessions, visit

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