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Industry insights and news for healthcare facilities and patients

Industry insights and news for healthcare facilities and patients

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Common ultrasound systems we will discuss: Philips Epiq 5, Philips Epiq 7, Philips iU22, Philips iE33, GE Logiq E9, GE Vivid E9, GE Voluson E10, Siemens Sequoia, Siemens S2000, Siemens SC2000, Siemens S3000, Siemens SC3000

Compatible ultrasound transducers with these ultrasound systems are: Philips X7-2T, Philips X5-1, Philips C5-1, Philips L9-3, Philips C10-3V, Philips S5-1, Philips L12-5, Philips S7-2t Omni, Philips S7-3t, Philips 3D9-3V, Philips C8-4V, Philips S8-3t, Philips 3D6-2, Philips 3D8-4, Philips C5-2, Philips C9-4, Philips C9-5ec, Philips L11-3, Philips L15-7io, Philips L17-5, Philips L8-4, Philips S12-4, Philips S3-1, Philips S4-1, Philips S8-3, Philips V6-2, Philips X3-1, Philips X6-1, Philips X7-2

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